Thursday, 31 January 2008

Extremely busy

It really has been a very busy week. With order requests coming in & especially with me moving. There's just so many things happening & needs to be done all at the same time. I really need to juggle my work, teaching dear daughter with her homework & looking around for stuff for the new house. Since there's CNY sale everywhere I might just as well take advantage of the good price. I hope to settle down in my new place as soon as possible, otherwise the hectic schedule never ends. My free time is not free anymore; I'm defintely occupied in something. If not packing, I'd be baking.

For now, I've stopped taking orders temporarily until March. I really have to start packing my baking essentials from the 20th onwards. I hope I'll not be tempted to take any more additional orders than the existing ones ; )


Siti requested for a Marshmallow Brownie (again). And this time it's to be shared with her cousins, who coincidentally love the colour pink. I used the strawberry chocolate to brighten the look of the whole brownie. Never did I expect that Siti's cousins would be very much attracted to it.

Marshmallow Brownie for Siti
After Siti's order, I made Salena's M&Ms Brownie Platter & Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups. These are to be shared with her family.
M&Ms Brownie Platter & Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups for Salena
I was a little hurt when one of my customers did not collect her order last week. She contacted me a week prior to collection date & I accepted her order request of a dozen Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups. I prepared the goodies & got them ready for her to collect. As I've only just returned to work that week, I have totally forgotten to check with my maid if the person came to to collect. But my maid said nobody came.

I SMSed her to ask if she wanted the Choc Hazel at all, otherwise I'll try to sell it to other people. She replied that she still wanted those & will try to collect them in the next few days. I informed her to collect by Saturday morning as I have other orders which required refrigeration & frankly my fridge is not that big to store all the goodies (Siti's brownie & Salena's orders), plus my own groceries. She said she'll try to come in the morning as I have an appointment for my baby's immunisation jab. My plan was to take the whole family out (maid inclusive) cos after the appointment I have to collect the keys to my new house. But since the customer is coming over, I told my maid to stay home instead & wait for her. She didn't turn up as well.

I gave her one more day, till Sunday. Then in the afternoon I just sent an SMS, "I assume u dnt want e choc hazel...?" No reply from her.

I was a little upset & little disappointed that this happened. She has ordered a few times from me & it's just unlike her to do this. Maybe something happened which I don't know about but I just thought maybe one courtesy call / SMS will help me to stop wondering, "Why didn't she collect her order?" "Why did she do this?" "Is she unhappy with me about something?"

It's not about me not making a profit from this order. But it's the time that I spent to make it. Like I mentioned earlier, I've lots & loads to do & squeezing as much things to do at the same time. The only time I rest is when I sleep at night.

So what happened to the Choc Hazel? It's inetiquette for me to sell it after being stored in the fridge for so many days. And I feel so bad about throwing them away cos although they are not fresh anymore, it can still be eaten. So I asked hub if he's okay with bringing them to work & share with his colleagues, since I don't have time to send them to my aunt's or mum's.

Whenever I think about this incident, I just shake my head. No point in getting angry. And this is what they call WAKENABEB!

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