Saturday, 6 October 2007

Wazz Up?!

So what have I been up to lately?

Since my July entry, I have taken some orders (despite being very tired) because I just couldn't bear to disappoint some contacts like Yatie, who for the second time requested for 2 dozen Blueberry Cheesecups; Eleaza, who requested for 2 dozen Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecups & a whole Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake; Liyana, who requested for a dozen Oreo Cheesecups, 2 dozen Blueberry Cheesecups & a dozen Chocolate Mousse for a gathering; last but not least Marshmallow Brownie for Siti.

Blueberry Cheesecups for Yatie

Eleaza's Chocolate Hazelnut

Liyana's Blueberry & Oreo Cheesecups & Chocolate Mousse

Marshmallow Brownie for Siti

I continue to receive requests from repeat & new contacts, but so as not to jeopardise the quality of my goodies because I was starting to feel really lethargic, I didn't accept them. I hope they will understand. Insya'allah when I'm better after the delivery I'll take the orders (probably earlier than 1st February '08).

Today, I am 2 weeks away from my expected delivery date (I'm due on 20th October). My gynae has advised me to standby my hospital bag in the vehicle while house-visiting during Hari Raya.

I've not started my Maternity Leave yet, although everyone has been asking me when I'll be resting, why am I still working etc...

Firstly I don't have that much Annual Leave left (although the temptation of taking Unpaid Leave is there). Secondly, what will I do at home if I'm on Leave?

Well for a start, I've made some cookies for Hari Raya during my OFF days. I managed to make triple Chocolate Chip cookies, Fruitee cookies & Prune & Cheese (soft) cookies & given some to both my mum & mother-in-law. I'm contemplating whether I should make my Brownies for them too. I'll decide next week.

I'm glad that I already bought clothes for 'Ufairah & Zinedine. Plus some stuff for the house too.

I've yet to buy tablecloths & flowers for the house. I hope I still have time cos my next antenatal appointment is on Tuesday & I have to go to the maid's agency for my new one; I have to send the cookies over to my mum's & get some from there too; I have yet to decide what to cook for Hari Raya although one is already confirmed - Sambal Kacang, so I need to go to the market to get some stuff & spices. There's like so many things to do in such a short week.

I'm only starting my leave the week after Raya, which is the week I'm due for delivery. Maybe I shouldn't get too ambitious in doing so many chores for this Raya. Well, I see what & how much I can do.

Talking about maid, I've 'booked' for a new one to come in after Raya & during my Maternity Leave so I have enough time to teach her what to do, especially caring for the newborn. The current one is due to leave end January while I start work in the early month. After much thinking & to avoid stress in teaching the new maid, I've decided to send the current one home 2 months early. If I were to wait till the current contract ends, I can foresee I'm going to get stressed out not having enough time to teach the new maid & God knows how she will take care of my newborn.

The new maid does not have any experience in Singapore & this will be her first time here. I have stressed that I'm going to be very particular especially in taking care of my children, so I hope she will be able to adapt to my style.

Alright peeps, time to go. Got a birthday party to bring the kids to later (my boss' daughter's birthday). Will update more on the Hari Raya preparations next week.

Selamat Berpuasa!

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