Thursday, 24 April 2008

Birthday M&Ms Brownie

Spent the past few weeks planning & experimenting some goodies for my brother's wedding in June. That is, preparing the samples too for him & his fiancee.

Since this is the first time I'm going to do the wedding cake set-up, so many things I've to prepare - from the goodies to the deco. Well, I take this as a learning experience. Furthermore I've my mum full support on this; she even sponsored certain items. The rest she leave it in my good hands (so much pressure).

That aside, dear daughter's birthday coming up soon on May 5th. So meantime got to focus on her goodies bags first. Initially I thought of baking some cookies for her classmates as well, but we see how it goes. Depends on how big her class is and if I can afford the time.

By the way, I baked an M&Ms Brownie for Aina, for her brother's, Fazli, birthday today. Received an SMS from her that her family is tempted by the brownie but they have to wait for the birthday boy to get home before they can cut it. I hope they'll enjoy it too.

Meanwhile, I'll try to update more here. Otherwise it'll just pics on my Flickr, Multiply or

M&Ms Brownie from Aina to Fazli

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