Saturday, 18 April 2009

Dinner @ Charco's

Managed to stay up till the wee hours yesterday to finish up the request of 60 cups of Chocolate Mousse. It was requested by my SIL Zana on behalf of her friend, who is holding a majlis cukur rambut today.

Initially I thought of popping into the office today but after completing the Chocolate Mousse, I don't think I have the energy. Even coffee didn't help.

In the evening, had a family dinner at Charco's in Ang Mo Kio, in conjunction with mum's birthday (which is tomorrow). It's Western Australia owned and what's best is that it's HALAL. And they've got ribs!

Besides that they also serve their Charco's Chicken, Portuguese Chicken, Hot Plates (1/4 meal), Schnitzels, Slimmer's Meal (a main + 3 salads of your choice), Briyani Meals (I'm surprised they serve this), Kebabs, Burgers, Wraps and of course their family & kids meal.

I had the Ribs Creme Meal and simply love the creamy potatoes served at the side. And their salad bar.... 8 different types of salads - Caesar, Coleslaw, Seafood (my favourite), Tuna Pasta, Egg, Greek, Potato & Chicken Avocado.

For price, I thnk it's value for money really. You get good food at very good price. What more can you ask for. And if you think this is a restaurant, you're wrong. It's located within a coffee-shop in the housing estate. So there is no service tax (winkz!).

I've been wanting to eat at this place for a while but didn't get the chance to. So since my mum's birthday is tomorrow & she will be going on a cruise for 3 nights, I thought we have an early celebration with the family.

So give it a try. If the opportunity arises, I will come back to this place.

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