Monday, 19 April 2010

Busy weekend

I was kept busy the past weekend. Took on two last minute requests - one from Lina & another from Noor Ain.

Lina requested for a simple Brownie - top(per)-less that is. But I couldn't just make a really plain-looking Brownie for her. So I melted some white chocolate & marbled it with the chocolate fudge.

She had also requested for a dozen Lemon Meringue Tartlets.

Noor Ain saw me uploaded the Turkey Bacon Quiche shot on FB about two weeks ago & asked if I bake it commercially. At the time I didn't. So when I finally did, she requested for one. I hope she enjoys it when it was delivered fresh & hot from the oven on Sunday morning. Great for breakfast or brunch.

I have recently become so interested in tarts & pies and have been very excited to try sweet & savoury pastries. I have, however, always contemplated on whether I should use Short Crust or Flaky for savoury pastries. Both, I think, are equally tasty and that explains my indecision.

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