Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hectic Friday

It didn't look like a lot of work, until I started in the kitchen with 200pcs of Cornflakes Snow, 2 sets of Brownie Platter with black & white theme and about 50 cups of Chocolate Mousse.

It'd been a while since I juggle so much at one time. I planned to start as early as 6am. But that plan got the better of me & I didn't actually got down to business until 10am. Even then, there were a lot of interruption & I was having sudden mood swing = /. Yidi yada & a lot of bla bla bla, I think I started my mixer at 12 noon. By late afternoon (after about 5hrs), I was struggling to keep my eyes open & my back started to ache. Could age be catching up? I beg to differ ; )

After a total of 12hrs in the kitchen, I decided to leave the black & white deco for the Brownie Platter to the next morning. Too tired = lack of ideas.

These were what I came up with - piped white chocolate on the top & deco with dark & white chocolate buttons. The brownies were also accompanied by these decorated Chocolate Mousse cups.

Made more Chocolate Mousse to be brought over to a birthday party, which I topped with mini marshmallows for the kids.

It definitely was a hectic Friday. I was so looking forward the weekend. And I really hope the coming week will be a better one for me.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday people!


don said...

Hi sis, the brownies u made for my hubi's surprise bday party was great!!DELICIOUS!!And I am satisfied with the outcome..Finished within that very day..Thank you soo much!I will definitely come back for more.

Sherri Anne said...

Hi don,

Thanks for the compliment. Glad that you liked the deco, which was black & white. Appreciate it much! Oh yes, please come back for more LOL!