Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thank You

It had been a very busy August since I was taking requests to bake cookies for friends. I've to say that the Cornflakes Snow is still the favourite as I had to bake over 3000pcs of them. (ok maybe that didn't seem too much to you, but it was to me).

So I had to work & stick to the same routine everyday, in order to finish my bakings. Alhamdulillah, I had 2.5 bake-free days & I used one of the days just to bake CinnaCran Cake for my mum & a friend, who has been very supportive since I started out.

Not forgetting a very loyal friend too, Naz, who never fail to order my Brownie every year for Hari Raya.

Although it had been a tiring Ramadhan, everything went on smoothly. 

To the people who had placed your cookies requests from me, Thank You!

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