Sunday, 18 October 2009

Goodies for friends

Sorry for this overdue post... Been wanting to upload but having some probems with editing photos from my new phone (I prefer taking pictures using my mobile phone rather than my Kodak cam simply because I have my mobile phone with me all the time... hee!)

Lemon Meringue

As promised, here are the pics of the goodies prepared for ex-colleagues & posse on 4th October '09. I was relieved that my friend who initially wasn't able to come over, managed to. And I think we spent over an hour just chatting up. How I miss those moments.

Chocolate Mousse

Come night time, the group came. I think there were more people this year as the living and dining hall were taken up. Some of us didn't even manage to chat. Nevertheless it was good company. Thanks guys! And it makes me feel happy that they enjoyed the desserts that were prepared & displayed. Close friends have been seeing the goodies pics I've uploaded in FB and I thought perhaps I let them have a taste this year, instead of preparing festive food this Hari Raya.

Japanese Cheesecakes, Brownie & Mango Cheesecake

It took me days of planning; and juggling work and making sure I managed to prepare these in time was crucial as I did these alone.

The goodies that I prepared were Lemon Meringue, Original, Matcha & Strawberry Japanese Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups, Chocolate Mousse and Brownie. I thought I'd have some extra time to do another batch of Cornflakes Snow, but time did not permit. So I guess I'll do it some other time just for me to eat ; )

(From top ~ Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups)

It was definitely a tiring week for me. But it was paid-off and I'm relieved I managed to complete what I'd wanted to do. This was a test for me too, to see how much I can do within a week (with advance planning of course). One thing that I wasn't that satisfied was presentation though. I was too caught up with trying to complete my tasks that I didn't plan enough on how to present the goodies.

Oh well... I'm looking forward to trying something new next year, with proper guidance from an expert. I really hope my work schedule next year will be a little bit more flexible and I have the energy to carry out my plans, Insyaallah.
Hopefully once that is accomplished, I'll arrange for another food-tasting for another group of friends.

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