Friday, 2 October 2009

Goodies tasting

This weekend will be a very busy one for me. As I will be making preparations for my goodies sampling for some friends who are coming over on Sunday.

Initially the plan was to cook Mee Betawi. But consideraing that our friends would be eating cooked food from other houses (by the time they reached ours, they'd be full & bloated = won't eat much = food wastage), both hubby & I decided to do smething different this year. We thought we'd let our friends to try the goodies I make and hopefully they will help to 'market' sistabrownie to others.

This is by the way quite a last minute plan as I've only decided this week, leave approved, stock up on baking stuff yesterday (not forgetting a quick trip to the hairdresser's heh), finalizing the deco on my cuppies' order and then the baking marathon begins.

Among the goodies I'll be preparing are the Brownie Platter, three types of Cotton Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake (haven't decided which one to make), Lemon Meringue Pie and a new goodie which I hope to introduce & market as well.

I really really hope I'll be able to complete all these on time, despite having plans to visit aunts & friends tomorrow.

To my food people who are reading my blog, please come and join us for the goodies' sampling / tasting this Sunday. SMS or email me for the address.


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