Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Brazil-themed Cuppies & Candy Brownie

So I was on leave last week to settle some domestic issues. Not that I was the one having domestic problems... it's my domestic helper's.

My ex-maid had to go home after 4 years working with me and couldn't give me an answer as to whether she can return or otherwise (depending on her husband's decision later). So while she's gone, I have to get a replacement. We (thought) we found a (suitable) candidate; after having to go through an appeal made to the Ministry of Manpower. But anyhow.... we are now in the process of getting a refund from the employment agency (I guess I don't have to elaborate further).

Since I was on leave last week, thought I'd de-stress in the kitchen by making some Chocolate Cupcakes & Candy Brownie Platter. Request came from a good friend of mine, whose sister's engagement ceremony was on 20th Dec '09.

She had asked for a Brazil-themed (colour) cuppies for the gift exchange and Candy Brownie Platter for her family members to enjoy.

It had been a tough week for me. I wish I can have a break. Talking about break, I'm so looking forward to a session of body massage next week. Have been putting it off for so many months. Yeay!
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