Saturday, 3 July 2010

For the fund-raising

I just came back from the fund-raising event at a local school today. It was my first time attending it and I was initially apprehensive at how the response would be. Well as it turned out, it was really good!

Within 3hrs, the food, which were contributed by the students' parents & relatives or maybe even friends, were fast gone. I didn't even get to purchase the Penang Laksa & Otah. And within those 3hrs too, I noticed that my goodies were being snapped as well.

So for this event, I prepared about 60pcs Chocolate cuppies, which I divided the icing between Chocolate Fudge & Snow Frost, and packed them in twos.

There were also packs of Brownie, which were cut into 6 minis per pack. I drizzled them with chocolate & simple colour decos for contrast. I contemplated on spreading chocolate fudge on top of the brownie, as I was unsure if that many people would have liked it that way. With chocolate drizzle, it was always safe as the overall chocolatey taste would not be too overwhelming.

It was a really fun event. I enjoyed doin' up my simple & humble goodies for this great event, although it took me almost the whole day preparing everything by myself. It was satisfying indeed.

Looking forward to the same event next year!

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