Saturday, 31 July 2010

Wazzup sista?

I'm in the midst of:

1) Looking for & trying to place a recipe book order online;
~ Have checked at my favourite bookstore & the very friendly assistant have advised me to order online as it'll be cheaper, since they do not have 'that' book ; ).

2) Contemplating on whether I should stay on in my current full-time career;
~ This thought seems to be playin' in my mind; at least until I finally make a decision (ain't that right?). Which is not very easy to do considering I've been doing what I'm doing for far too long. *Continue contemplating*

3) Set up a 'proposal' & checking with myself if I can actually do / handle it if it goes through;
~ Had been very (very) excited when it was first mentioned to me. I didn't think about it until a friend suggested it. Although I was grateful, I'm not sure if I can do this - all by myself. But if it's God's will, I'm sure I'll be fine.

4) Planning promotions for sistabrownie's Cookies & Such for the upcoming Hari Raya in September;
~ This is one way for me to say "Thank You" to all my supporters. I'm giving great discounts, free gift & free delivery (*terms apply) to the people who have known me since I started out. Email me: to find out more!

5) Full of anxiety
~ Let the words speak for itself : D

It's a great Saturday peeps; full of shine. May you continue to enjoy the great weekend.

'Til my next update next week!


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