Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Turtle Pie

Part two from my previous entry, when I announced that there will be another pie coming up, I managed to make just that today. It's the Turtle Pie.

It's an all-chilled pie, different from my other pies which are baked pastries. So I really find this refreshing. What better way to enjoy this with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on a hot afternoon. Mmmm.... Yum!

Now if you're asking why this is called Turtle, I don't have the answer. But I think it is what it is because there are 2 layers of chocolate in the pie - chocolate cream, and the top layer acts as a shell to cover the whole pie. Well don't quote me as this is just my version ; p.

Now that my two pies have been accomplished, I'm excited to try just one more - another chocolate pie which is baked instead.

Will post an update when it's done.

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