Monday, 2 August 2010

Unfinished Business

I have started to consolidate the requests for Raya bakes & bought the necessary ingredients last weekend. But somehow, I have a feeling that I may have to make another trip to the supplies store in the midst of my baking frenzy, in Ramadhan. Although I really hope not. Well, we'll see how the promotion goes.

The promotion I'm having for this upcoming Hari Raya is the "Earlybird Promotion", whereby all (new) fans / first-timer will get a 10% discount on their total orders if they place an order before the 10th August '10. Why I mentioned "new fans"? Because for repeat customers, I'm offering a different promotion altogether ; ). It's just one small way of saying "Thank You" to all. In summary, everyone gets a discount at sistabrownie!

Oh did I mention the free gift pack? This comes together with the Earlybird Promotion, as well as for repeat customers. What is it that I'm giving away? It's a surprise...

While making sure that all my ingredients are in stock, I've busied myself with the preparation of decos for a nine-year-old birthday celebration cuppies. There were so many designs that she'd like to have, that she finally decided to have a similar one like the Rainbows & Tiaras, which I did for Nur last year.

Yes, I've mentioned that I'd stopped baking cupcakes officially from 1st April '10 (it wasn't an April Fool's Day joke 'aite). But as this came from a very close friend of more than 10 years, I simply couldn't turn down this request for her only daughter. I relented.

This is just part of the deco that I've started to prepare & store. Still playing with my ideas for the complete decorations. I hope the birthday girl will be pleased.

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