Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dinner @ Straits Kitchen

OK... I'm a little left behind (well not so little if my last blog is dated 14th Aug right?) so I'm a little lost. Lucky thing I have all my blogging pics saved in my mobile. Phew!

A week before Ramadhan (wonder why this was not updated before. Sorry folks!), we were invited by hubby's cousin to Hyatt Hotel's Straits Kitchen for a dinner gathering to celebrate his wedding anniversary & their eldest daughter's birthday. Knowing that we will be there in the evening, I actually ate tiny nibblets of food at work during the day.

There was just so much food that I missed taking pics of the Satay, Carrot Cake, Chicken Rice... Well, it's not so much about so much food there, it's more of me getting excited to eat, I forgot heh!

The food served is local buffet-style, where the 'outlets' / 'stall' are set-up by cuisine. So if you want to have some local Chinese-style food like Prawn Noodles, Carrot Cake, Hokkien Mee etc, you go to the Chinese 'stall'. Likewise for Kampong-style (they serve Nasi Goreng, Rendang, Satay, different sambal & the likes) & Indian food (prata, naan, tandoori chicken & so much others).

For the desserts corner, local desserts like different bubur, ang ku kueh, ondeh-ondeh, pisang & cempedak goreng can be found there. At the side, they can make you popiah as well. Kids would also love that they have ice-cream of local favourites too like mango, durian & yam, with their choice of a topping : ). My kids love making a couple of trips especially to that outlet.

It was an enjoyable evening as we were secluded from the main crowd & only have family & extended family around.

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