Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Iftar @ Fika's

I've always been apprehensive about meeting my ex secondary schoolmates, especially after more than 10 years of not seeing them. Although we got in touch via FB, that was virtual. Meeting up was another matter.

But of cos, there are some favourite people that I'd really love to meet - the first batch of friends when we were in secondary one. When we don't know who is who but we somehow stuck together cos we were from the same class, sit near to each other & started making friends.

So when an ex classmate from Sec 1 contacted me asking if we all (there were 5 or 6 of us) can meet up, I jumped at the idea. Of all people, this guy was the most difficult to get in touch with. Since he's here in S'pore, I was not going to let the chance slip.

I immediately activated a girl friend, whom I've always kept in touch with, to get the numbers of the rest of the 'gang'. Fortunately, all of us were available for dinner. Venue wise, they left it to me to decide.

Since I have never been Fika, I decided we meet up there. Although a little inconvenient for people (like me)  who was vehicle-less, I was starting to sweat when I reached the restaurant. Ambience was great & cosy, I was greeted by the friendly owner, Tasneem.

We started placing our orders as soon as everyone was there. Here's what all of us ordered for that day:

Pear Cider

(The famous) Swedish Meatballs - mine & Weeni's

Salad - Mel's

Salmon - Az's

Crayfish Pasta - another Az's

If only it was a quieter evening, we would have stayed longer at the place to catch up. Instead we moved on to another place where we can actually laughed ourselves out remembering the good ol' times.

Till the next meet up!

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