Saturday, 7 May 2011

My daughter's eigth

It was my dear daughter's birthday this week. I've prepared some goodie bags for her classmates, as requested by the birthday girl. However this year would be the last time we're giving away goodie bags, just because she's all grown up now.

Besides the goodie bags, I thought of baking some mini cakes or cupcakes (without too much frosting) for her teachers. It was between Cranberry and Cinnamon Cranberries cake. You might be thinking "What's the difference?" The Cranberry Cake is spiceless & contain just fruit oil to enhance the fruity taste, while Cinnamon Cranberries, as the name suggests, contains cinnamon powder. I decided to go with the latter and drizzle them with cream cheese frosting.

Some of her favourite teachers received individually-packed Cinnamon Craanberries Cupcakes for themselves.

Then later, we had a small celebration of cake-cutting at home. The Strawberry Shortcake image cake was bought from Prima Deli. I just found out that the edible image was mounted on top of a piece of white chocolate (to prevent the image from 'shrinking') but that also made it slightly difficult to cut. It's made of vanilla sponge cake with vanilla cream. A little too creamy for me although I really love the very soft sponge cake.

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