Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekend update

This weekend I made some sweet buns for Ros. She had initially requested for Red Bean buns. But since I've run out of red bean paste, I offered if she'd like to have Fruit Custard instead. She agreed, and I made half a dozen each of Nutella-filled & Fruit Custard buns for her & her family to munch on their road trip.

Despite me complaining about the heat, I was grateful that the heat helped the bread dough to proof rather cooperatively. Just as I came back from the polling station (it was Polling Day on Saturday), the buns had risen & was ready for the oven.

On Sunday (Mother's Day), I made a whole brownie for Ayu, who requested it to be cut in half so she could share it with her mum. She had twitpic-ed me the Brownie she wanted & so here it was. Topped with cocoa & white chocolate chips.

For this past week, I'd been thinking often about the first Brownie I baked. It was a cakey brownie, which had been well-received but some confused it with chocolate cake, probably because of the cakey texture. So over the years I'd slowly switched my cakey brownie to a fudgy type. 

Between the two, I'm not sure which is better. It all boils down to individual tastebud, I'd say. So today, I've indicated in the Brownie album in my Facebook page that cakey brownie will be made available upon request. Otherwise fudgy brownie will be baked as usual.

Hope to get some cakey brownie requests soon, as that was my first successful brownie baked back in 2006.

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