Monday, 4 July 2011

Custard Fruit Tartlets

I've been MIA (missing in action) again. Not that I intended to, but there were just so many things to do & complete that I felt a tad guilty sitting down tapping away on my lappy.

Anyway after the Father's Day experiment, I received a request from Manissah for 100pcs of Custard Fruit Tartlets.

I think this was my first attempt at doing these much all by myself. I underestimated the time taken to complete these & started panicking. A huge relief though when I'd completed them just 10-15 minutes before Manissah came to collect. Phew!

After that, I focused all my time on dear daughter's school fund raising event. This year I didn't manage to prepare any Brownie or Cupcakes because we had to leave for the weekend. So I decided to bake some cookies this year.

It was also in conjunction with the introduction of some new cookies for Eid 2011. So if anyone of you went to the fund raising event on 2nd July '11, I'm pretty sure you get to taste the new cookies at a very good price & at the same time contribute to the school. *winks*

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