Monday, 25 July 2011

What exactly I've been up to

With so much stress going on, I finally managed to pull through my very first birthday cake. Call me ambitious but I didn't expect that it would be so much work, really.

The cake that I was assigned looked pretty easy at first, until I got down into the details. It was a Mickey Mouse cake for little Aiden's first birthday.

I tried looking for the cake pan (I was wishing very hard that it'd make my life so much easier if I find the pan) but luck was definitely not on my side. So what I had to do was to bake a 10" cake for the face & two 6" cake for the ears.

My only favourite part was to cut out the greeting & the features = /. Putting on the fondant icing was very challenging indeed.

So I finally used the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter I got from Hong Kong years ago, to cut out the mini Mickey fondant & 'paste' at the sides.

You have no idea how relieved I was to be able to complete this Devil's Food Cake with nutella buttercream on time for the delivery, after not getting enough sleep for so many days. 

Not only was I assigned to make the main cake, there were 100pcs of vanilla cupcakes to be completed as well.

So after the birthday party, I'm sure you know what I did..... Sleep of course!

P.S: Thanks to Nancy for giving me the opportunity to do these for her son Aiden's first birthday party.

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