Friday, 23 February 2007

Catching Up

Had a wonderful holiday during the Chinese New Year period. Not that I've been out & about, just lazing around & relaxing. I truly need a break.

Supposed to meet up with some old friends aka ex-colleagues on Tuesday 20th, but somehow Fate did not bring us together this time. Perhaps on another occasion.

Effa SMSed me on Tuesday, requesting for a cake for her brother-in-law's upcoming birthday. This time, she would like to try out one of my cheesecakes. Therefore recommended her the Chocolate Hazelnut as I believe she doesn't want the cake to taste too cheesy.

This was supposed to be sent today at 6pm. But due to work schedule, I was unable to. Thanks to Effa, she's willing to have it sent earlier - Thursday night.

When I saw her yesterday, oh my she looks so fresh & energetic. (Shopping may have been a motivation factor). To think that she has just given birth a month ago! Well it's a good thing to see that she's well & Arian Danish is getting better from jaundice. She looks so cheerful. Good for her!

I do hope that her family, especially the birthday boy Faris, will enjoy the Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake. Thanks to Effa for the trust in my work.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

I am now in the midst to set up my own permanent website for "sistabrownie". While I am enjoying the free space in Multiply, I am so afraid that one day my goodies' pics will be gone maybe due to some hiccups from the host. (Some users have already experienced that, so I need a backup besides flickr).

Will definitely broadcast once it's completed. I hope to have it done by April, with some help from sister-in-law Ruzana.


Anonymous said...

shopping motivation factor? hahaha thats funny always cheerful lah, nanti i kasi muka murung, takut plak org nak tegur..heheheh oooo we love the cake! i will order something else next. dah jadi ur regular customer plak..rezki alhamdullilah


sistabrownie said...

Good for you lah, always cheerful.. happy-go-lucky can I say? : )

So far alhamdulillah you enjoyed my goodies & bakes.. Maybe I should open up "points system" for my regulars? heh

Anonymous said...

ok jugak ada point system! hehehe