Tuesday, 13 February 2007


Been indecisive about buying Lily Allen's album, but recently heard the song "Smile" in one of the Multipliers' webpage & decided to buy it yesterday.

Not that I haven't heard her songs before. Her songs just cheer & perk me up, that's all.

After buying the album, made an impulsive decision to have a hair cut & wash + colour & treatment.

I signed up a package with Jean Yip Salon about 4 years back & only used it 3 times (I can use it 6 times). The last time I went there was 2 years ago, before getting pregnant the second time. (How time flies!)

Since I have the card with me, decided to pop in & manage my hair, which by the way has been looking like a broom, boring & limp.

Spent about 1.5 hours there & I'm very happy with the result. Now it looks so much alive & vibrant! (Orang sibuk buat rambut untuk CNY, kita pun sibuk jugak) Mmmmm, maybe in 4-6 mths time can touch up the roots hehehe.

Anyways, today's OFF & wondering if I should just rest or bake something. I'm looking for cempedak to bake Cempedak Cupcakes. Went down to the store but no cempedaks was spotted. Weather is soooooo hot that I have reservations about going to the market.

Will update you once I have the fruits & of course the recipe...

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