Thursday, 15 February 2007

Novena Square 2

Took half day leave today to visit a friend's sister's new shop at Novena Square 2. I have promised this friend of mine, Azman, that I would visit the new clothings & accessories shop as soon as it opens for business. So finally managed to do so today.

The shop is at level 2 of the building (can't remember the unit number though) & it's called Swift Sapphire (nice, ain't it). Although the owner said that there'll be more stocks coming in next month, already I like the pearl necklace set on display. Hmm.. gotta ask Azman if he could offer any discounts ; )

Novena Square 2 hmmm, what can I say... there are a lot of shops, which somehow I've got a headache walking & looking around. Perhaps I'm just not familiar with the area & the mall yet.

For eateries, there's a Halal foodcourt at Level 4 or 5 called "Fork & Spoon". It's my first time there & the concept is somewhat similar like Banquet.

Finally left the place at about 6pm & perhaps there will be another time for us to get together. And maybe the next time we do, Sulong, whom I haven't met for what seems like ages, is able to join us. (If you are wondering who these people are, they are my ex-bosses, whom I've enjoyed working with very much. Missed the old batch).

P.S: Met Rafizah (from MDIS contact) at "Fork & Spoon".

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