Thursday, 13 May 2010

Brownie & Macarons

While I was busy with the Brownie Platter last weekend, I was also busy texting & confirming another Brownie request from a friend. She had initially asked for the Brownie the same Mother's Day weekend. But I couldn't commit and thus she asked if I can still do one for her in the coming week. We agreed for the heart-shaped Brownie to be ready by Wednesday.

She had asked for the specific greeting on the Brownie & to ensure that the Brownie looked its best with coloured candies on top. This was what I prepared for her - Heart-shaped coloured candy Brownie with Macarons.

Notice the Macarons at the sides?

I had a little too much egg whites from all the baking last week & thought what would be the best way to put the egg whites to good use - Lemon Meringue or Macarons? I decided to try the latter.

I've tried making them before after going through many different versions & techniques. I tell ya, the lesser ingredients required, the more sensitive the recipe gets, especially getting the technique right.

I was very apprehensive about giving it another go. But I guess when you failed too many times, it just drives you to wanting to know that you can get it right at least once.

So I did. I finally get to see those 'feet'. I used some as the Brownie deco & others I just slather them with Chocolate Cream.

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