Saturday, 29 May 2010

How my week went by

I was in the mood to cook Sabshuka this week but was disappointed that I couldn't find fresh coriander leaves at any of the supermarkets. I couldn't even find them in the wet market early this week.

I gave up. Until DH suggested going to Mustafa Centre to get our monthly groceries yesterday. I almost gave again up cos I only saw Chinese Parsley available. After walking the aisle again that I saw what I've been looking for this whole week. Relief! Now I hope I won't be too tired after work tomorrow to use it in my Sabshuka dish.

I have originally planned to take a break till the end of the month before I start baking again. But couldn't help it. Although I am tired, with a stiff left shoulder & backache, I have to bake a Brownie for a friend today. How couldn't I when it was to celebrate her two lovelies' birthday (born on the same date just a year apart) & it's also her wedding anniversary.

So I started this morning baking a colourful Brownie Platter for the kids' birthday celebration & then a Cotton Cheesecake for herself.

I had a great time (eating too) at the barbeque gathering. There were really great food & wonderful company. We feel like we're a part of their family too.

I'm grateful that my friend was helping to 'promote' my Brownie to his family. And so a themed birthday Brownie will be coming up soon!

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