Monday, 3 May 2010

Weekend break

I was away during the Labour Day weekend. We managed to get onboard a cruise, which we were on standby. It was quite a last minute preparation, considering we only have about less than 24hrs to pack (I'm packing for 3 + myself).

I admit it has been a long time since I relaxed, despite being in the company of the kids. I would have thought of a getaway with just the hubby. But this short trip proved me wrong. I could actually relax even with the 3 little munkies... hee! Or is it all in the mind? Hhmmm.... Was I in desperation for relaxation that I managed to turn the negative to positive energy?

View @ 6.30am

Anyways the kids enjoyed themselves although they weren't signed up for any programmes at the kids' centre (I thought the charge were too expensive per hourly). We spent most of the time either at the buffet food outlet or the arcade : )

Kid's pool

This trip was also an early celebration of dear daughter's 7th birthday.

Now, back to work!

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