Saturday, 17 March 2007

Another M&Ms Brownie

Baked another M&Ms Brownie for Liana, to be brought to a chalet. She called in the morning asking if the brownie was ready for collection as she planned to come over much earlier, before 1pm.

Since everything was set, I informed her to drop by any time.

M&Ms Brownie for Liana

After the collection, got the kids ready to go over to Mum's place as dear daughter wanted to sleep over. Both hubby & I deposited the kids at my mum's & then off we went to watch the movie "300".

It was definitely a movie worth watching, that's for sure. No regrets if you spend your last few dollars on this movie. Hubby said it was better than "Gladiator" or "Braveheart". I say go watch it!

After the movie picked up dear son, who's acting up because not enough sleep. Left the little girl & will be fetching her tomorrow afternoon. The house sure is quiet without her around, not that I'm grateful for that. She sure makes the house livelier.

Oh well, tomorrow will be another busy day at work for me. *deep sigh*

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