Saturday, 17 March 2007

Hectic Week

Haven't really had the mood to post anything - been too tired & too stressed at work. So much to do in so little time.

Anyways, had a few requests for M&Ms Brownie for this week.

First is from Lady who requested for a 20cm M&Ms Brownie to be collected today after her doctor's appointment. She fractured her foot the other day & I wondered how she's feeling now. I hope she will get & feel better after collecting the brownie she's been drooling at sistabrownie's.

M&Ms Brownie for Lady

Then there was another request from a repeat customer, who has been kind enough to taste & review my bakes & goodies. She's none other than Effa!

This time she requested for a special package of 6 Chocolate Hazelnut & 6 Oreo CheeseCups. Since she was unable to collect them, she sent a representative aka her sister to collect on behalf.

Chocolate Hazelnut & Oreo Cheese Cups

While 'penning' this down, I am preparing for another M&Ms Brownie for Liana, who will be bringing it to a chalet tomorrow.
So till tomorrow...
P.S: After a stressful week, met a regular guest today Mr Gomez, who really made my day. He complimented my service although it is my job & that's what I do everyday. He is such a friendly & approachable person that I didn't think twice to go up to him this evening, or any other day to greet him.

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