Thursday, 1 March 2007

Wazzup on Tuesday

Been busy lately... Busy lazying around & spending some quality time with dear son. He's getting more & more cheeky these days.

Anyway, sent dear Zinedine to the clinic for his MMR jab on Tuesday, 27th. Lucky that he's being very co-operative.

He was agitated in the room while the nurse was asking me a lot of questions (maybe he's thinking "get it done & over with lady!"). So tried as much as possible to get him distracted as he's due for his milk & nap.

After checking his weight & getting the precription for the Paracetamol, finally got his jab on the left arm. He cried a little but managed to distract him from the pain by singing the 'alligator' song.

While singing & carrying him, he fell asleep. So time to pay for his medicine. What a long time it took! The nurse said that he won't be having fever immediately but it will come (in some cases, the kid will not have any at all) between 3 and 5 days *stress*. I really hope the fever will not come.

In the afternoon, fetched dear daughter back from school. Since there's a pasar malam opposite my block, though of take a look-see.

Hmmm, saw some pisang goreng, so-called shark's fin soup, Ramly burger, keropok lekor & then I saw it.... I saw cempedak - fried & fresh ones. You know what this meant? I can finally try my Cempedak Cake recipe (woo hoo!)

It's selling at 3 packs for $5 (1 pack $2). So I bought 3 packs. So kiasu, I'm so afraid that I can't find cempedaks ever again. Never mind, when I reach home I'm going to puree everything.

Started my baking experiment quite late, almost 6pm. Fortunately it was an easy recipe, which I managed to get it done pretty quickly.

The cake really smelled nice from the oven. Couldn't wait to get my hands on those cakes, so while it was still hot (not warm ah), opened one up & it was soooo soft. Zinedine & I had two for ourselves.

So I thought that perhaps it was still hot that the texture was soft. But even after it has cooled completely it really taste like sponge cake, even lighter in fact. My only regret was not putting in more puree, despite my kiasuism of buying 3 whole packs & I only used one for this. Never mind, there will always be a next time (insyaallah). I intend to bake this for a few people actually, for tasting.

Cempedak Puree

Cempedak Cake / Loaf

The texture

Verdict for this trial recipe: SUCCESS. Now it's time to bake some more & let my official tester/taster to decide.

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