Sunday, 16 January 2011

Chocolate Marshmallow Dessert

When Zu first posted a picture of the Chocolate Marshmallow Dessert in FB, which she made for her mother-in-law's birthday, I went "ooooooh la la!". What's more she mentioned that it was a no-bake dessert. So this must be one of Zu's "quick & easy treats". I waited for the recipe.

Just yesterday as I was browsing through my blogroll, I noticed that Zu had updated her blog with the recipe for this chocolate decadence. As I have all the ingredients, I thought I'd try to make this dessert today, specially for the kids as I was sure they would love it.

I kept this as a surprise while I was making the preparations although each one of them asked what I was up to when they saw the marshmallows (hee!)

So after two hours of working mysteriously in the kitchen, it was time for their treat.

For recipe, please click on this link.

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