Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fried Spring Roll

I was given the opportunity to try these tasty spring rolls by a very generous friend, Kyn and I am so thankful! Not that it's hard to find spring rolls here in this sunny island; it's hard to find very tasty spring rolls as a package - filling & sauce together. So I appreciate that I was being introduced to these frozen homemade spring rolls.

The popiah skin (usually store-bought) is generously stuffed & rolled with well-seasoned, pre-cooked filling - shreds of turnip, carrot, egg & crabmeat. Then there's the delicious pre-cooked sauce - sweet and spicy with a tinge of shrimp paste, which came in the pack too.

I couldn't wait to fry the spring rolls and the cooling weather just perfected the idea for me to snack. As the filling was well-seasoned, it tasted just as good eaten on its own. So when dipped in the sweet spicy sauce, it just tasted even better.


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