Monday, 24 January 2011

Cinnacran Cake / Bars

I was compelled to try this dessert bars when I scanned through the recipe. There's cinnamon and cranberries - the two combination I can't resist, whether they're in breads, cakes or cookies.

With the availability of ingredients in my pantry (thank God for essentials), I whipped this up immediately making different versions of it - mini cupcakes, normal-sized cupcakes and a 7 inch cake.

The original recipe calls for two types of icing, which I thought would be too much. So I spread a layer of cream cheese to complement this spiced cake.

Although they went well with each other, I thought it was still a tad too sweet for my tastebud probably because there were already white chocolates in the cake.

My conclusion - bake this cake as a whole, without any frosting (recipe is perfect for one whole 8x8"). And I'd probably omit the white chocolates too. That's just what I would be doing for this year's Eid.

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