Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brownie idea

Aahh... Time for me to unwind after getting home from work (it's always a relief to be back home everyday. As they say "Home is where the heart is"). Moreover I'll be on leave tomorrow, to spend some time with the family during the school holidays. Most probably will be bringing the kids out to the zoo.

It's gonna be a tiring day for me tomorrow. So I shall keep my entry (sweet & ) short for an early nite tonight.

Tuesday I'll be doing a barter trade with one of my friends. She's been wanting to try my brownie ever since she found out about sistabrownie. When she got married I was so sorry that I had to turn her request down for a solemnization brownie package, as I was too tied up with work & was so lethargic to bake anything. I wasn't up to it to do a good bake at the time.

Now that she's (5 months) pregnant, I'll make myself available to bake her one. Cos when I was pregnant with Ghazi, I badly wanted to try her puffs & pastry from Shahzah Confect (it's located at Joo Chiat). She & her then-boyfrined-now-husband went out of their way to bring some to work for me. It was so nice of them, really. So now it's my turn to give her something.

I hope she's really really really into chocolates, cos what I thought of doing is making the brownie as chocolatey as possible.

So that's it. If I'm not too tired tomorrow I'll upload all the pics from the zoo trip.


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