Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ponder... and my new companion

I wonder how Sunday mornings would be like.... I say this not because I don't wake up on Sunday mornings. In fact it's the contrary. I wake up every Sunday morning to go to work - my full-time job.

For all the years (way before I was married), I've never really felt how the day will be like if I'm just lazing around with the family at home or sleeping in on Sundays. Because I work even on Sundays & holidays too.

Hmmm... especially this morning I asked myself again, how would my Sunday mornings be like if I'm not working. I see people having breakfast with their family at the nearby coffee-shop, going to the market, off to do something recreational, attend weddings & family gatherings. I'm definitely deprived of my Sundays.

But this is what I do and have been doing. My consolation would be that I manage to avoid crowds on weekends in shopping centres. I get to get things done at offices which only opens on weekdays from 9am-5pm (like bringing the kids for check-ups) without affecting my annual leave entitlement.

However recently I started thinking: for how long? The kids are growing up & I haven't been spending enough time as I work long hours. Anyways, I hope the new year will bring me more inspiration for my future in whichever path I choose.

Enough whining... I spent a 'fortune' on a new mobile phone today. I'm happy I got it but at the same time guilty for spending too much.

Introducing my new companion..... the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905.

Companion because I'll be using it more often than my Kodak cam for food shots & other stuff (you'd better be worth it Sony...).

I hope to update as much as I can before the year ends (which is just a few days away), and to tell whether my new phone does justice for me.

Till then peeps! Nite!

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