Monday, 15 December 2008

Zoo trip

Today I decided to go to the kids' school to get dear son's uniform (before it's out of stock or the school gets crowded during orientation). Since we were going to the zoo later, we thought we'd drop by at the school.

Tried the 'M' size on Zinedine but it seems tight. So next one size obviously is 'L', but it seems too big / baggy for him. I compared both sizes and found that there's a huge difference between the two. Anyways since 'M' is too small, I might as well take size 'L', considering that he's growing fast vertically. I'll just have to spend some time trimming the pants for him. For PE attire, the 'M' size seems fine.

After that we went off to the zoo. The rain has stopped so the weather is just nice for our walk. We decided to get this kiddy 'thing' for the kids, in case they get too tired from walking (we didn't get the tram ride tixs).

Excited little Ghazi posing for pics

Although the rain has stopped & weather is nice we are still gearing the kids' up with raincoats us, umbrellas. You never know...

We walked on until about 4pm, looking forward to a place to sit & maybe have a bite at KFC. Found that the old place was closed & we kept seeing this signage "Kidzworld" from the start of our walk. I thought that maybe the zoo has opened up a new place for the kids.

True enough. The new place is so much better & bigger. Especially the water playground (is that what u call it?)
The kids enjoying themselves

We were very lucky cos when we got to the Rainforest Kidzworld, it suddenly started to rain -- heavily. And we were lucky too to get a place to sit at KFC. I've to say that the weather was really unpredictable. Just when it stopped, it started to rain again 15 minutes later. And then it stopped & started again.

So in between I had to get the kids out & in & out of the pool until it was time to go home. The kids had more fun here than all the other places in the zoo.

By 5pm, we decided to leave. The kids did not take their afternoon nap (obviously) including Ghazi. So this was what happened when the kids, especially Zinedine, are exhausted & sleepy...

Although I really pity him when he gets too tired & fall asleep like this, I couldn't help myself from taking this picture. I tell you, there was once I brought him shopping. He was due for his afternoon nap but I thought I just stopped by one last store before going home. He actually fell asleep standing, while I was looking at some stuff. I immediately stopped & carried him to the taxi stand to go home. This kid is amazing!
Just before we leave the zoo, we gave the kids a little treat at Ben & Jerry's. And Zinedine is wide awake again.

I hope the kids enjoyed themselves. And they have something to share with the class when school starts in 2 weeks' time.

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