Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas gift

I'm feeling a little tired right now cos I went for a bit of Christmas shopping after work.

I've been wanting to get Christmas gifts for a friend & some colleagues but always wondered when I will have the time to shop. So I decided that I should get started now.

I don't usually exchange gifts during Christmas. But there are some colleagues who, unexpectedly, would leave a gift on my desk during Christmas. And particularly one colleague will always give me something each year. There was once (I think that was the 1st time) I was quite embarassed at not having anything to give back to the person who present me with a gift.

So since it has become a tradition at my workplace, I decided that I should buy some stuff, just to standby. But I specifically bought something for that colleague of mine who has been very 'faithful' in giving me something for Christmas each year (even when I was on Maternity Leave last year). If she doesn't give me anything this year, it's alright. I'm still gonna give her a gift cos she's such a wonderful person & we've been great working together.

While I was shopping, I particularly went into this store (C&E) cos I just lurrrvve their products (although it's a bit pricey). I thought I wanted to buy a set of hand cream miniatures as a gift but deep inside I know these miniatures will end up on my hands instead. I contemplated and stepped out.

Then I went to get a mug gift set & a box of nail polish set. Both at a very special price. After that before going home, I went back into the C&E store and thought that I've decided to get that hand cream miniatures set (for myself). There were two sets - one at $33 (same type of 3) & another at $58 (variety of 6). I'm more keen on the set of 6 but at $58??? Again I was contemplating. Hmm... never mind. I've the catalogue, so let me think about it.

Anyways, I find that almost all beauty stores have their brand of shower gel & lotion packed as Christmas gift set. Although they are priced very reasonably I was just wondering is it really okay to give someone a shower gel set as a Christmas gift? Will it indicate that "you-are-giving-me-a-shower-gel-set-cos-I-smell-bad" to the person yu're giving it to?

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