Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Second attempt

I feel a little more energized after having 2 days OFF to rest & relax. Yesterday was a PH and today was my OFF.

Some(one) has been bugging me to try Lemon Meringue Pie again for the past few days. Although I promised myself that I will never ever ever ever make LMP again, somehow I've given in.

Today I was 50-50 in trying this (revised & improved) recipe. Not because I was not confident of it but because I was contemplating if I should just rest, take a nap, instead of moving about in the kitchen. Furthermore, I'm lacking certain ingredients, which means that I have to go out & buy the stuff.

Anyways, I came back & got started. This time I was really careful with the recipe. The last time I did LMP, it was a flop actually. Even I didn't like it either.

Then as I was close to finishing the LMP, I was very confident that "yes, this is it. I made it." Now the LMPs were sitting on the wire rack waiting for the 'person' to provide constructive critic. I hope I really made it this time.

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