Sunday, 21 December 2008

Chicken Rice

Today we had takeaway dinner - Chicken Rice.

Went to Giant supermarket at Tampines as hubby & I had to get some stuff. We then bought the chicken rice on the 2nd floor foodcourt. This was our.... (lost count) time buying at the stall as we love the taste (not because it was convenient).

The rice has a fantastic aroma & the chicken is so tender. Of course you can choose whether to have roasted or steamed chicken. One pack cost $3.

As usual stalls will give you only one or 2 packets of ginger garlic chilli to go with a pack of rice, unless you ask for more.

So ever since I found out that Chng Kee has gone Halal, I begin to buy their ginger garlic chilli as a supplement whenever I buy or cook chicken rice (don't have to make my own if I don't have time).

This is my 2nd bottle I have at home. It's very spicy (even for someone who can handle spicy food well) and has thick consistency. If you want it runny, simply scoop the amount you want in a bowl & stir with hot water to the consistency that you want. Unless you want to use it as dip for your fish crackers (which is perfect too), then stick to the thick consistency. I've forgotten the actual price but it's between $3-$5.

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