Thursday, 18 December 2008

Simply dessert

Went to the supermarket today to replenish the fridge. There were so many chocolates & goodies for Christmas. I was so tempted to buy all those chocolates & candies & stuff but I thought they will eventually end up in my kids' tummy. (My guess is I'll only get to eat 2 pcs & the rest will be finished by the little 'monsters').

When I passed by the fruit cocktails section, I thought of making a trifle. I've thought of it for the past few weeks but have forgotten how to. I remembered I need some sponge cakes, fruit cocktails & cream. Thing is, I'm not sure how much cream I should use to make one bowl.

I went ahead to buy 1 can of fruit cocktails, 2 cans of cream (175g each) and a pack of ladyfingers, hoping that they are enough.

When I lay everything in the bowl, I discovered that I'm lacking at least 1 more can of fruit cocktails & 2 more cans of cream (since I prefer the trifle to be creamier).

Well, experimental gastronomic adventure is something that I'm so used to. Next time I know exactly how much I should get.

Here's the result:

(If you noticed that I already have enough cream on my trifle, it's because I added some whipped cream to make it more. Too lazy to go back to the supermarket).

I didn't like the particular brand of fruit cocktails that I bought, cos there's not much fruit in there. Just pineapples & papayas; not even a cherry can you believe it?! And it makes my trifle look like some kind of potato salad instead, don't you think?
Tried to do some justice to the trifle by sprinkling some shredded chocolates on top. But I guess it didn't make any difference....

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