Monday, 22 January 2007

Between full-time job & passion

Made an appointment with my bro to meet up at HarbourFront Centre on Sunday (as he's working at VivoCity) to pass me the Pineapple Tarts, which dear mum has made. These are samples for good friend Rohaya's collegues for the upcoming Chinese New Year - traditional Pineapple Tarts & Cheezy Tart Worm.

So re-packed them into smaller containers so that more people can sample them (hehe ; )). Gave some to my boss on Monday for sampling too, in case she's looking for someone to make these. And coincidentally she is. But no obligations of course.

I went to town during lunch hour to check out a baking supplies shop. Surprisingly this shop sells the stuff at reasonable prices compared to another shop which is also in town. Furthermore, this place is very accessible, which is good so I don't have to rely on dear hubby to drive me. Spent about half an hour after checking their products & pricing, & got some really nice decorations for my goodies.

Bus-stop is within walking distance & while waiting for the bus to arrive, I look down the road & wondered if I should buy lunch as well. Cos the bus I'm taking will stop right in front of my office & where do I go to get my food? Down the road is Liang Seah St, where there is this well-known coffee-shop selling Chinese noodles and such. Halal of course & the food is great & cheap. Never tried to remember the name of the coffee-shop although been there so many times. It's located right opposite Swensen's Bugis Junction. Ordered take-away Lor Mee, without chilli, as the last time I ate it with spice my mouth felt as if I've undergone plastic surgery.

After work, went to get some baking supplies for my new 'creation'. Then waited for dear hubby to fetch since it's convenient for him (I assume). I don't mind driving myself tired since I'm OFF tomorrow.

Dear daughter will be going to school tomorrow after 3 days of resting due to flu last week.

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