Thursday, 4 January 2007

Five hours after work

I rushed home today, despite the heavy rain, as I need to get my PC ready for servicing & also to prepare 24 cups of cheesecakes (a dozen Oreo & a dozen Blueberry) for ladym76 aka Marlina from Multiply. On top of that, I have to get dear daughter to sleep early for her first day of school tomorrow at Iman Kindergarten.

An ex-colleague was kind enough to assist me with my PC as I've been having problems installing my anti-virus CD-rom for the past week. Have been contacting him (or rather bothering him) to guide me through but oh what the heck; just get the whole PC serviced since it's been 2 years I've been using it. So I'll be PC-less for the next few days.

ladym76 aka Marlina requested for a total of 24 cheesecups to be delivered to Bowen Secondary School tomorrow morning, to be shared with her collegues during their staff meeting. I hope she & her friends will enjoy the cheesecups.

Blueberry & Oreo Cheesecups

Dear daughter is still watching TV at 12.30am. I hope she won't get cranky in the morning & will be cooperative when the school bus fetches her at 10am. Most important of all, I hope she won't cry & will enjoy herself. I try hard not to show her my anxiety so that she will feel relaxed on her first day of school, but deep inside I'm worried for her.

Although it was a tough pregnancy when I carried her, she has always been an easy baby to handle. Even now at three years old. She has always been independant & easy-to-get-along, & makes new friends easily. I guess those qualities are my reassurance. Well, I just have to hope & pray that school will be a smooth journey for her, Insyaallah.

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