Saturday, 20 January 2007


Busy working for the past few days. Gotta concentrate on my full-time job too you know besides baking. Sometimes I feel that not only my time but my brain has been divided into portions, where I have to think & do so many things at the same time. I need a holiday badly, really! If dear hubby should read this, pleasssssseeeee! TAKE ME FOR A HOLIDAY!

Anyways, back to reality.

Got a wedding to attend to; it's hubby's cousin where my daughter & her cousin get the chance to be flower girls for the bride & groom. The wedding started at 2pm so once we reached there & had our stomach filled with delicious Nasi Minyak, went straight to the preparation room to get dear daughter ready.

Almost ready, getting the make-up on & taking pics with dear cousin aka her best friend.

Group pic & at the stage where all eyes are focused.
Dear daughter cried on stage cos I think she couldn't manage to see me around & there were a whole lot of people gathering nearby when the bride & groom came in. But she managed to brave herself & enjoyed taking pictures with everyone after that.
Since this has been a long day for the kids, both of them went to lala land before 10pm after vomitting, due to the neverending cough they had for the past week already.


slevin said...

your daughter is very cute, and she looks like a little princess in those cute pics. I have visited your blog for the first time, and was very impressed that inspite of playing multiple roles, you still find time to blog. Keep up the good work mam.

sistabrownie said...

Thank you slevin