Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Ikea & my 'new' PC

It was a rainy day. Waited for the school bus with dear daughter, armed with umbrellas. School bus came unexpectedly 5 mins early despite the rain. I had expected the bus to come later. Mum is coming over, hoping to catch 'Ufairah before school but mum was just about 5 mins late. It was good also that 'Ufairah didn't see her grandma otherwise she might not want to go to school.

I was contemplating whether or not to proceed with the plan to go to Ikea Tampines. Didn't really need to go there, just wanted to see the place & maybe get some containers / boxes for the kids' storybooks. It was still raining so it was perfect weather to be indoors. Mum suggested that I bake Baked Potatoes if we are not going.

As soon as dear son wakes up, got him dressed & off we went. Had our lunch first as it was already 12pm. Fed Zinedine fries & apple pie as he can get cranky when he's hungry. Then we shopped around & it was good that Zinedine was asleep throughout, otherwise he would want to walk around as well.

So I got 2 plastic boxes for the books, some ribbons & a money plant for the house. Took a taxi back as Mum wanted to see dear daughter getting off the bus after school. Furthermore, it was still raining.

Reached my block at about 2.30pm & 5mins later, 'Ufairah's bus arrived. She was happy & surprised to see her grandma of course. Lucky she didn't ask about our shopping trip, otherwise she might not want to go to school tomorrow, knowing that we were out & about while she's in school.

Got my CPU back in the evening. I can 'see' the difference; it was like having a new PC altogether. My friend helped to install all the necessary & extras. It was worth it. Will take more care with the PC from now on.

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