Saturday, 27 January 2007

Busy Weekend

We went to Orchard today cos it's been a while since we stepped into Borders. Furthermore dear hubby needs to complete his Dark Towers collection. It was fortunate that I remembered there is an open carpark next to Wheelock Place, otherwise we planned to park the van behind Shaw Towers, which would be unfortunate cos it started to rain while we had lunch at Burger King.

While at Borders managed to get myself a cookbook (with 20% discount), which hopefully the recipes will be experimented out soon. Sometimes I feel that when I buy myself a cookbook, it's just to satisfy my 'hungry eyes' looking at those yummy pictures...

Anyways, dear hubby managed to complete his collection & bought himself 2 music CDs - Oasis & Nickelback.

After a quick lunch, drove to a baking supplies shop to view some new stocks before hurrying down to National Stadium to get tickets for tonight's match - Singapore vs Malaysia. Dear hubby will be going with his mates. Tonight would be his so-called 'bachelor night'.

So when he's out, I made an impulsive decision to bake Chocolate Trufle Cake, which turned out to be disappointing. A feeling of regret crept over me as I expected it to be really good. But I learned what went wrong & what I should amend in the recipe though. Perhaps I could try again.... or not.... depends.

Overall, today has been quite relaxing. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow = work.

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