Friday, 5 January 2007

First day of school

Dear daughter still looked sleepy when I woke her up at 8.30am, all thanks to the late night. She was cranky when asked to get washed & dressed. She even refused to eat her breakfast of cheese sandwich & only insisted on having her hot Milo.

She was due for her school bus pick up at 10am. So by 9.45am she was all ready to go. She wanted to bring along a book, so I reminded her that she has to remember where she puts it in school so that she could bring it back home after school.

Her school bus came at exactly 10am (she starts at 11am & finishes at 2pm). She was all calm & even waved goodbye. I am so proud of her! Looking at her so confident & calm about school tells me that she is mentally prepared for this. Afterall, she's been asking me about her school since last month. I didn't tell her I'll be at the school to watch her. So after she left, I made my own way there.

The school bus reached the school at 10.45am. The kids are brought out of the bus by the teachers & are asked to line up in two before they are brought in. At the entrance, the children's hands & tongue are checked for HFMD (hand, foot & mouth disease). They are all lead into the holding area for the national anthem & doa.

I went in to check on her. She's just sitting down & reciting what the teachers are singing & saying. Too bad there are boys around her, otherwise she would have made some girl friends instantly. This went on for an hour before they were brought into their respective classroom. Dear daughter is in class Caribbean 2. By the looks of it, she is handling everything very well. So at about 12 noon, I left the school & hope that she will be alright & enjoy herself for the next 2 hours.

While I was attending to dear daughter in school, my brother did me a favour by delivering ladym76's cheesecups to Bowen Secondary School. Then I had to exchange dear son's sandals for another size in Tampines Mall. Mom & mother-in-law did some shopping while we were there.

After sending MIL home, went to Newton to buy wedding novelty containers for a friend's wedding this April. He had asked for 200 pcs of goodies for his guests (mind you, these 200 pcs are an addition to the existing 1000pcs he had ordered). After that went home to find out how dear daughter's day was at school.

She did enjoy herself but didn't talk too much about it, except that I saw she was very hungry in the late afternoon. She admit she was hungry, as she only had 2 sandwiches in school. Moreover, she didn't have any breakfast before she left in the morning. Poor her! And she did forget her book in school. Will check with her teacher on Monday.

Oh, what a day.... I even had to postpone an appointment with a friend today. Had to make it up to her on Monday, since I'll be on leave again.

P.S: Met Nadya aka sweetpiecupcake at Iman.


Anonymous said...

hi kak tak bilang u got blog! i would have link u up..hehe ok since now i know, i will add u in my link..take care!


sistabrownie said...

I tot u dah tahu... ok lah tks! U take care too