Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Last minute request

Last night while I was surfing the net & uploading pics into my multiply, received a request from "mypurpleyes" aka effa for a whole M&Ms Brownie. After much queries, she was asking if it was possible to have it today. I wasn't sure if I can bake & prepare it in time for her initially, as I need some time to let the choc fudge to set properly. Afterall, it was already 10pm+.

But after much thought & since I won't be working today, it should be OK for me to doze off a little later. Effa mentioned that if it was not possible, she would like to order it on the 14th instead. But she's already in her last trimester (ie: 8 months pregnant) & I do not wish her not to taste the M&Ms Brownie before giving birth. So I did my best, and here it is.....

M&Ms Brownie

While I am penning this down, Effa has already collected her brownie. I hope she will enjoy it (again).

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